Ukraine 2002 "Kherson is Ukraine!"

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Issue Date 09.12.2022
ID Michel: Scott:
Design Andrii Sahach
Stamps in set 1
Value U - Watermelon
"U" = 12 Hrivna = domestic letter up to 50gr. rate.
Emmision commmemorative
Size (width x height) stamps: 30mm x 40.50mm
Mini-Sheet: 114mm x 121mm
Layout Mini-Sheet of 6
Products FDC x1, PC x2, Non-stamped cover x1
Print Technique Offset

Printed by Integrated Printing Plant Ukraina For Securities
Quantity 900,000 (150,000 Mini-Sheets)
Issuing Authority Ukrposhta
Kherson is Ukraine stamp of Ukraine 2022

On December 9th, 2022, the Post Authority of Ukraine - Ukrposhta - issued commemorative stamp - "Kherson is Ukraine!".
"U" is the letter equivalent of domestic letter up to 50gr. rate. At the date of the issue, it was equivalent to 12 Ukrainian Hryvni (€0.30).

In support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all Kherson residents who were waiting for the news of the liberation of Kherson, Ukrposhta issued a long-awaited and symbolic stamp "Kherson is Ukraine!".

"This is the first postage stamp dedicated to the hero city, after which other heroic cities will definitely appear. And although the liberation of Kherson has not yet been officially announced, according to the good old tradition, which began with the ship, sometimes stamps are issued a few days before the event, because Ukrposhta knows for sure that our military are the best, and de-occupation is only a matter of time. This year we were not able to enjoy Kherson watermelons, but postal philately cannot leave Ukrainians without one of the symbols of Kherson region, so watermelon slices with additional artistic plots can be seen on the new postage stamp." commented Igor Smelyansky, Ukrposhta CEO.

The central object on the stamp is a slice of watermelon - a symbol of Kherson and Kherson region. Watermelon seeds are presented in the form of missiles, which Russian invaders mercilessly shelled Kherson region.
Kherson Region of Ukraine on stamp of Ukraine 2004
Kherson Region of Ukraine on stamp of Ukraine 2004, MiNr.: 660, Scott: 555.
On a slice of watermelon, the artist depicted the scenes that accompanied the temporary occupation of the city: protests of civilians, burning buildings, torture committed by Russian soldiers against the local population and especially activists.

On the stamp sheet there is a map of Ukraine with the designation of the hero city of Kherson liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the envelope "First Day" depicts a Ukrainian soldier who, by analogy with a slice of watermelon, returns the temporarily occupied part of Ukraine to its place. The unmarked art envelope illustrates the chronicle of the period of temporary annexation of the city - the protests of Kherson residents against the occupation troops.

The author of the issue is Andrii Sahach, known to Ukrainians as the winner of the national stage of the competition of sketches for the postage stamp "Peace is the highest value of mankind!", as well as the author of the envelope with the original stamp "Spring will come again!".


FDC (reverse side is hier) Non-stamped cover Postmarks [1]
FDC of Ukraine 2022 with stamp Kherson is Ukraine Non-stamped cover of Ukraine 2022 - Kherson is Ukraine Postmark of Ukraine 2022 Kherson is Ukraine
Official Postcards Mini-Sheet
Postcard of Ukraine 2022 - Kherson is Ukraine Postcard of Ukraine 2022 - Kherson is Ukraine Stamps of Ukraine 2022 - Kherson is Ukraine
FDC (posted from Kiev)
FDC of Ukraine 2022 with stamp Kherson is Ukraine


[1] Two FDC postmarks of the same design - Kiev and Kharkiv.


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