Catalogue of philatelic materials related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression (2014-now)

Currently this catalogue shows images of stamps, postmarks and postal stationeries related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression started in 2014, issued by the countries or organizations who support Ukraine.

All kind of philatelic materials issued by the countries who provided no support to Ukraine, even verbal (Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo ...) and whose stamps design have nothing in common with these countries - excluded.

Since the beginning of the conflict in late February, Ukrposhta has opened 372 mobile post offices and 14 fixed post offices, along with temporary locations in schools and government buildings. Continuation and adaptation of Ukrposhta’s services are essential for access topensions, money orders and important goods. In response to this crisis, postal administrations across Europe and beyond have responded with fundraising, free postal services, humanitarianaid and jobs for Ukrainian refugees. Two funds operated through the Universal Postal Union are providing additional financial support.

National postal agencies from at several dozen of countries have stepped forward to assist embattled Ukraine as that war-torn country attempts to maintain and restore its crippled postal services. International support has included financial contributions, aid for Ukrainian refugees, the issuance of commemorative stamps, and the waiving of postal fees, especially for humanitarian shipments into the country.


Ukrainian philatelic items issued in regard to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression International philatelic items issued to support of Ukraine

Special Event

Common design of PEACE - The Highest Value of Humanity, EUROPA stamp
[1] - The EUROPA committee changed the 2023 competition to reflect the catastrophic invasion and hopes for the future. The theme is PEACE – the highest value of humanity. It’ll be interesting to see what designs come out of the competition. Neither Russia nor Belarus will be participating. They may produce stamps covering the theme, but in an April 25, 2022, EUROPA committee meeting it was decided to exclude them from both the 2022 and 2023 competitions.



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Mykola Matsyuk (Микола Мацюк), fellow facebook user "Jan Provincial" (Ян Провинциал) from Ukraine.

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