Philatelic materials related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression

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Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain is a sovereign state largely located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, with two large archipelagos, the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands off the North African Atlantic coast, two cities Ceuta and Melilla on the North African mainland and several small islands in the Alboran Sea near the Moroccan coast.
It is the only European country to have a border with an African country (Morocco) and its African territory accounts for nearly 5% of its population, mostly in the Canary Islands but also in Ceuta and Melilla.
Spain has an area of 505,990 km2 and population of over 46 million. [R1]

The very first stamp of Spain issued in 1850, but it took 75 years until some dinosaurs appeared on Spanish stamps.
Stamps in Spain are distributed and sold by the Spanish postal service known as the Correos y Telégrafos, and beginning in 2001 officially a governmental corporation, the Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos, S.A. Since 2011 the corporation and its subsidiaries are known as the "Grupo Correos". [R2]

Official Philatelic materials of Spain related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression

25.03.2022, "Spain with Ukraine" (In Spanish "ESPAÑA CON UCRANIA") MiNr.: , Scott: [1]
Support for Ukraine  stamps of Spain 2022 Support for Ukraine commemoraive postmark of Spain 2022 Support for Ukraine  FDC of Spain 2022

[1] On May 30, 2022 the Post of Spain issued the stamp "Spain with Ukraine" The stamp was printed in Sheet of 50.
The stamp design resembles Ukraine’s flag with blue at the top and yellow at the bottom. In the center is a heart also in Ukraine’s national colors. The emblems of Spain’s Correos and Ukraine’s post office Ukrposhta are shown on the left side of the design, and the Spanish-language inscription in the upper left translates to “Spain with Ukraine.”

Since February 24, 2022, Ukraine lives a nightmare constant since Russia started a senseless war. The current reality is that the conflict has claimed the lives of numerous civilians, as well as the displacement of millions of Ukrainians who have fled their homes leaving behind his past and also, to many of his relatives, how well because they had to stay at the front, or because due to age or physical condition, have not been able to leave the country and they continue to resist under the bombs.

Many Spanish homes have taken in Ukrainian families, they have been given work and shelter, but above all, security and darling. The conflict continues, the bombs and missiles do not stop, but the rest of the world embraces the Ukrainian people and Spain continues demonstrating every day that it is a supportive country and that, from the anonymous citizen to the highest institutions of the country, not they will leave aside those who are living this barbarism.


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