Philatelic materials related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression

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Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a landlocked country in western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south.
Its capital, Luxembourg City, is, together with Brussels and Strasbourg, one of the three official capitals of the European Union and the seat of the European Court of Justice, the highest juridical instance in the EU.
Its culture, people and languages are highly intertwined with its neighbours, making it essentially a mixture of French and Germanic cultures. The repeated invasions by its neighbours, especially in World War II, resulted in the country's strong desire for mediation between France and Germany and led to the foundation of the European Union. [R1]

Luxembourg issued its first stamps on 15 September 1852. The stamps were issued in both Belgian and Prussian currency but later issues were issued only in Belgian currency.

Since strat of Russian invasion in Ukraine on February 24th 2022, in order to facilitate and support the reception of refugees from Ukraine in the Grand Duchy, POST Luxembourg is committed to aid in the form of free mobile subscriptions, as well as the provision, free of charge, of a bank account and payment card. These two actions are implemented in consultation with the National Reception Office (ONA). POST Luxembourg also provides the ONA with a certain number of premises and accommodation to accommodate refugees.
From Monday March 21, 2022, refugees from Ukraine, with their certificate of beneficiary of temporary protection (issued by the Directorate of Immigration), can go to all POST Telecom points of sale and take advantage of a mobile subscription. This solidarity offer includes unlimited calls from Luxembourg to Ukraine, a mobile Internet volume as well as calls and SMS in Luxembourg. [R2]

Some personalized stamps of Luxembourg related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression

11.05.2022 "Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine" [SP1]
Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine of Luxembourg 2002 Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine of Luxembourg 2002 Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine of Luxembourg 2002
15.05.2022 "Dreams do not burn" [SP2]
Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine of Luxembourg 2002 Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine of Luxembourg 2002 Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine of Luxembourg 2002


[SP1] On Wednesday 11 May 2022, POST Luxembourg issued the set of two personalized stamps ("" stamps). These stamps have the same design, but different face values of €0.80 and €1.40 which can be used to send a standard letter in Luxembourg, respectively to the "international – world zone 1", of which Ukraine is a part.
All income from the sale of these stamps (€25,000) was donated by POST Luxembourg to "LUkraine asbl", a non-profit organisation representing the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg, to support them in their actions in favour of refugees from Ukraine.
The stamps were printed in Mini-Sheet of 8 stamps. The logo of "LUkraine asbl" organization is shown on the bottom-right corner of the Mini-Sheet, next to the logo of POST Luxembourg. [R3]

[SP2] On May 15th 2022 two personalized stamps were issued in Luxembourg. The design of these stamps are based on the design of the young Ukrainian artist Taras Formaniuk, who published his picture on the day of the destruction of the unique Antonov An-225 called “Mriya” (in Ukrainian “dream”).
Solidarity stamps to Support Ukraine of Luxembourg 2002 The goal of the issue was to collect a fund in favour of the Ukrainian Red Cross and their Ukraine Emergency Appeal.
The stamps were printed in Mini-Sheet of 8 stamps and sold with 2 different values: €0.80 (for national letters) and €1.05 (for EU-foreign letters). [R4]

The Antonov An-225 Mriya (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-225 Мрія, lit. 'dream' or 'inspiration'; NATO reporting name: Cossack) was a strategic airlift cargo aircraft designed in the 1980s by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. It was originally developed as an enlargement of the Antonov An-124 to transport Buran-class orbiters, and only one example was ever completed. After successfully fulfilling its military missions, the aircraft was mothballed for eight years. It was then refurbished and reintroduced into commercial operation with Antonov Airlines, carrying oversized payloads. While a second airframe with a slightly different configuration was partially built, construction was halted more than once due to a lack of funding and interest. This second aircraft was last brought up to 60–70% completion in 2009.
With a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes (705 short tons), the An-225 held several records, including heaviest aircraft ever built and largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service. The Mriya attracted a high degree of public interest, attaining a global following due to its size and its uniqueness. People frequently visited airports to see its scheduled arrivals and departures.
The completed An-225 was destroyed in the Battle of Antonov Airport during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The enemy destroys Ukrainian equipment, destroys settlements, but it is unable to destroy the WILL and the desire of Ukrainians for FREEDOM, it can not destroy the UKRAINIAN DREAM. Ukrainians, will definitely rebuild the plane, on the expenses of Russia at the end of the war, and will welcome it again in Kyiv at the parade in honor of the Independence Day of Ukraine! [R4]


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