Philatelic materials related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression

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Estonia, officially the Republic of Estonia, is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. The territory of Estonia consists of a mainland and 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea, covering 45,339 km2 of land and water, and is influenced by a humid continental climate.
Following centuries of successive German, Danish, Swedish, and Russian rule, Estonians experienced a national awakening that culminated in independence from the Russian Empire towards the end of World War I. During World War II, Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1940, then by Nazi Germany a year later and was again annexed by the Soviets in 1944, after which it was reconstituted as the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1988, during the Singing Revolution, the Estonian Supreme Soviet issued the Estonian Sovereignty Declaration in defiance of Soviet rule, and independence was restored on 20 August 1991. [R1]

The first Estonian stamps were put into circulation in November 1918.
From its renewed existence in 1991, Eesti Post, since 2014 also known as Omniva, issued an average of 25 to 30 different stamps, souvenir sheets and booklets a year, with an annual total face value ranging from about ten to twenty Euros.

Since strat of Russian invasion in Ukraine on February 24th 2022, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Post, Omniva (Post Company of Estonia) offers private persons the possibility of sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine by free parcel as a new service.

"The people of Estonia wish to help their acquaintances, friends, and relatives in Ukraine and send help in the form of medicine, foodstuff, clothes, or basic necessities, for example. We offer private persons the possibility of sending a free parcel containing humanitarian aid to a specific address in Ukraine,"" said Marita Mägi, head of Omniva’s international parcel and letter services.

Omniva delivers the parcels to the Ukrainian-Polish border, from where the Ukrainian Post pick them up and deliver them to the post offices that remain open in Ukraine. [R2]

Official Philatelic materials of Estonia related to Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression

24.03.2022, "Glory to Ukraine!" (in Estonian "Eesti toetab Ukrainat") MiNr.: , Scott: [1]
Support for Ukraine  stamps of Estonia 2022 Support for Ukraine commemoraive postmark of Estonia 2022 Support for Ukraine  FDC of Estonia 2022

[1] On March 24, 2002 - exactly 1 month since start of Russian invasion to Ukraine, the Post of Estonia issued the self-adhesive stamp "Glory to Ukraine!". The stamp was issued in the booklet of 10 and has a face value of €1.90 corresponding to the small international letter rate.
The postage stamp depicts a dove of peace against the background of the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The stamp features the text ‘Слава Україні!’ in Ukrainian, which means ‘Glory to Ukraine!’, and ‘Eesti toetab Ukrainat’ (Estonia supports Ukraine) in Estonian. ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ (Slava Ukraini) is the national greeting of Ukraine, known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance. It has been used as the official greeting of the Ukrainian armed forces since 2018.
The ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ postage stamp is the symbolic statement of the support of Estonia for the Ukrainian state and people in defending their independence. [R3]


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